Hillel Leadership Initiative (HLI)


A division of the Hillel Leadership Initiative

Connect, Collaborate & Create

The programming interns are one of four internships available under the umbrella of the Hillel Leadership Initiative (HLI). The Hillel Leadership Initiative is designed to enhance Jewish life on campus. HLI is guided by Hillel Montreal’s mission, “Enrich the lives of Jewish students through meaningful points of engagement so they may enrich the Jewish people and the world”.

  • We are always looking for students who are connectors. Interns should have a broad social network so they can offer niche market programs to Jewish students who are not involved with the Hillel traditional framework.
  • Over the course of the internship, participants will develop and organize various innovative and fun programs and events.
  • Each programming intern is charged with organizing niche market programs for their peers on campus or in their community.
  • Programming interns have access to a budget to plan relevant and creative initiatives. Initiatives have the dual purpose of attracting uninvolved students and advancing Jewish values.
  • Interns will participate in training in social networking theory, community organizing and entrepreneurship giving them the skills and resources they need to be successful in their endeavors.
  • Each intern will receive ongoing supervision.
  • Interns will gain valuable knowledge and will be able to network and develop in the area or field of their choice
  • HLI interns will receive a stipend each semester and will receive a letter of reference upon their termination from the program.

If you are interested in applying to be an intern, contact bev@hillel.ca